My philosophy about doing business is that I treat my customers the way I want to be treated, and that I and those in my business will always do more than just the minimum to get the job done. If there is a problem with a mailing, even if it is a problem created by a mistake made by someone else before it came to us, we’ll handle it.

After many years working with mailings and promotion in a large non-profit organization, I set out to start my own small business. Knowing that promotional mailings were important, I looked for a mailing house that could provide those services to me. I quickly discovered that every mailing house I contacted had some sort of minimum or set-up fee, a fee far higher than what my tiny not-yet-profitable business could afford. I also felt an attitude from the people I spoke with at those mailings houses, that my small business was not quite worthy of their time. I ended up taking care of my own promotion and eventually turned that into a full-time business: Vrla Mailing Services. We know what it is like to start out small so we provide services to every business, even the small ones just starting out. I feel that customers with small businesses and small mailings deserve the same quality of service as the bigger mailers and should not be charged extra for it!

In order to make it in business, you must communicate to both your current customers and your potential new customers. You must put your name and phone number in front of them over and over and over and offer them something to buy. We know that’s the way you will get business so we provide the method to do that – as inexpensively and efficiently as possible.

We also know that the many USPS regulations can be confusing and the many details involved in getting a mailing created, printed and out the door can be daunting and time-consuming so we help all the way throughout the process from the idea to the mailbox. I am a member of the Greater Portland Postal Customer Council and I am a USPS certified Mailpiece Design Professional. I have worked with the postal system for many years. I have studied their manuals, I know their rules and I stay up to date on any postal rate or rule changes.

I know how difficult it was for me to get a promotional mailing done for my new business all those years ago and I was an experienced mailer! So I decided right in the beginning to provide any consultation services needed for no charge. We help our customers get their promotion or communication out and into the hands of those on their mailing list and we help from the start to the finish.

It’s our goal to be known as the mailing house
that provides the very best service in your town.
Gayle Vrla

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