How to Tape or Tab Bulk Mail:

PURPOSE: To ensure the mailing piece meets USPS requirements so that it will be mailed under the lowest postage rate; and to ensure that it will not come apart while in the big USPS machines, with the result that it will move through the mail stream smoothly.

Normally, we send mail that requires tabs to a bindery. If you want to do it in-house, follow these instructions.

  • Use regular tape - the kind you would use when wrapping a gift - 3/4" wide. Or use self-sticking tabs (purchase at an office supply store). If you want to use tabs, test on your mailing piece to be certain they will actually hold your mailing piece closed without popping open. Whether or not it will pop open depends on the glue on the tabs and the thickness of the mailing piece.

  • Use tape pieces 3/4" to 1" long. Be certain that they are of sufficient length to securely hold the flaps together.

  • As you look at the mailing side of the finished mailing piece, if the fold is on the bottom, the tape goes in the center of the top. (There are certain designs that require two tabs in this case; if so, we will inform you.)

  • As you look at the mailing side of the mailing piece, if the fold is on the top, two pieces of tape must be used, one at each corner (on the bottom edge, not the side).

  • When taping on the corner, the tape must be placed on the bottom within 1" from the side.

  • When placing the tape, make absolutely sure the corners of the mailing piece match.

  • When placing the tape with one hand, make sure the other hand has not allowed the piece to bend a little because the tape will cause that bend to be permanent. Each mailing piece is run through a machine that places the barcode and address on the piece and other machines at the Post Office. Even a slight bend causes trouble with the feed mechanisms of the machines.

  • As you tape the mailing pieces, place them neatly in a pile with all the mailing sides facing the same direction.

  • When placing those piles in a box, make sure they still all face the same direction and make sure they are placed flat in the box.

  • Pieces of cardboard should be placed vertically between the stacks in the box so they don't mix up when the box is moved. Use several sheets of paper if you don't have cardboard.

  • If there's not enough room in the box to place all the mailing pieces, get another box. Don't try to stuff them down the sides or anywhere where they will not be lying completely flat and all in the same direction. If there's just a few leftover, you can rubber band them together and place them on the top.

That's it.

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