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Small business owners:

Are you swamped with business or do you want some more?

Tom Burke of Tree Masters just did a promotinal mailing and just got a bunch of calls.

"Direct mail creates a one-on-one connection that's hard for other media channels to match. The average household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day compared with 157 emails. It lets you incorporate coupons, reply cards, mobile barcodes, URLs and other response mechanisms. Direct mail is a workhorse for generating leads, traffic and sales." Tom Foti, USPS Direct Mail and Periodicals manager at USPS.

Want to know a secret of the really big national marketers? It's direct mail. I know this because that type of mail is continuing to increase in numbers at USPS while First Class mail has decreased a bunch (because of personal email and online bill pay).

Contact us and we will help you create a marketing program that will really work!

Customer Results:

One of our customers, a local chiropractor, recently did a small saturation/resident mailing. They are also called "carrier route" mailings because we send a mailing piece to every resident in at least one postal carrier's route. The mailings are the most inexpensive of any that a business can do. Result? A new auto-accident patient walked in the door. That one patient will pay for several mailings!

Look-Alike Lists :

How about some new customers?

How do you know who to send your promotion to? There are a lot of people out there. Which ones are the ones who will want your products or services? How do you find them?

Here's a way!

We take your customer list. We analyze those listed on it based on 19 key characteristics, such as: age, gender, education level, marital status, number of children, housing type, etc. We give you a detailed report.

Then the next time you purchase a mailing list of potential customers, you purchase that list based on the characteristics in the report that best match the majority of your existing customers/clients.

Cost: $180

Gain in customer insight: Priceless

Postal Trivia:

  • Oldest post office in the US? The Hinsdale, New Hampshire Post Office has been delivering mail since 1816!
  • Largest post office in the US? The Farley Post Office in New York City has 393,000 square feet!
  • Smallest post Office? It's in Ochopee, Florida. It has only 61.3 square feet. That's smaller than my office!!
Excerpted from National Relocation & Real Estate, September, 2004:
"Some agents have quit doing direct mail because they don’t view it as high tech, but they’re hurting themselves with potential clients. These prospects equate technology (email) with SPAM and view it as non-valuable – they delete it without reading it. (Actual) mail has become more valuable."

"More and more you’re seeing successful agents mailing more consistently,” reports (John)Wendorff (TPMC president and CEO). “Some use it once or twice a year and that isn’t enough. The companies and agents who are doing a mailing monthly are seeing the best results."

"Ken Graham, broker manager of Missouri-based Coldwell Banker Gundaker believes that direct mail maintains its effectiveness despite technological advancements. ‘It’s a gradation issue,’ Graham explains. ‘The very best marketing is and always will be face-to-face. The next tier is live communication over the phone. The next tier is the newsletter and then e-mail and other technology.'"

Excerpted from MailPro, News for Mailing Professionals, USPS, Volume 1 Number 5, September/October, 2007:
"Online retailers and marketers...need to consider two pieces of research from comScore that show important consumer shopping and shipping habits. According to the ‘2007 Multi-Channel Direct Mail Study,' direct mail recipients were nearly twice as likely to purchase from a retail website as those who received only an internet communication. And when the mail piece was a catalog, the results were even better – influencing more than two-thirds of shoppers to visit the site. That traffic created a 163 percent increase in sales over those who did not receive a catalog."

"Direct mail has staying power. It can be kept for future reference, used to assist in locating information on a website and shared with others who might be interested in the content."

"...John Greco, president and chief executive officer of the Direct Marketing Association. Greco estimated that marketers will invest more the $55 billion on direct mail this year."

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