"We have been working with Vrla Mailing Services for a few years now, and have always been given great customer service and competitive pricing. Our numerous weekly, monthly, and one-off Real Estate mailing campaigns have been very successful at getting our phones to ring. The Vrla team works hard to track all our projects/postage/stationary, they provide excellent project-status updates, they look out for our best interest, and are always following up with us to keep the campaigns on track. We are pleased to be working with this great local company, and would recommend Vrla Mailing Services to anyone looking for a mailing company who cares about their client’s success."
Christy Hrdliczka
Marketing Director
North Rim Partners
"I don’t want to go to another mailing house because I know that no one else will give me the kind of service I get from Vrla Mailing Services."
Dr. Patricia Huff, DVM
Pet Samaritan Clinic, Portland
Hillsboro Veterinary, Hillsboro

"It’s the most effective and best investment I ever made. And it keeps continuing: five new people came in just today!"
Harold Allen, owner
Hayden Island Hair Salon

"I value the fact that you are so reliable. You have serviced our office exactly as I requested, and then some."
Marketing Director
Office of David N. Carothers, DDS

"Vrla Mailing Services is by far the best mailing service I have worked with in over 20 years of producing marketing materials. Gayle makes it seem so easy - I just have the printer drop off materials to her doorstep and she handles everything from the mailing list to delivery at the Post Office. Her superior knowledge of postal regulations and her desire to help customers make the most of their postal dollars are greatly appreciated by all the clients I have referred to her. As an added bonus, she gets the jobs done on time and with a smile!
Thanks, Gayle!"
Pam Olson, owner
Creative Communications

"It’s always so nice working with you. Always put me down as a reference if you work with any other non-profits."
Our United Villages

"A well-surveyed piece kicks the pants off an un-surveyed piece. Direct mail rocks! My new sign-ups show that mailing works. There is a direct relationship between the mailings done and the new sign-ups."
Kristi Sanders, Owner
Olympus Gym

"Thanks Gayle, that’s what I always liked about seeing you folks work with NWEI – always clear, always good work, always a good value."
Richard Will
Northwest Earth Institute

"Pet Samaritan is doing great! They are doing sooo well! One thing they have been consistent with is their promo. That’s what’s doing it." (They mail to their full client base monthly.)
Colleen Hofer
Graphic Designer

"Direct Mailing has proven to be the most effective, least intrusive way of finding and retaining season ticket holders. My sense is that we would emit a lot more carbon using other technologies, including the internet, because the yield rate is so much better with Direct Mail."
Peter Schoonmaker

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